Sunday, June 20, 2010

urbane urban scene and fish patterns

A tryptich (ea 5x7 HB ) of a subject I'm still playing with after several years. It seems the more I investigate these patterns the more I want to. When I amplify the bolder strokes it makes for fun work and borders a bit on abstraction but I find the happiest balance between realism and expressiveness for me is about here.
This blogging thing is probably too simple for a complex guy like me because I have messed with it several times and I've been unable to make pictures appear here. Well let's see if I have it.
This should be an acrylic sketch from a pencil sketch of a scene I drew while I was traveling a while back.
8x10 or so hardboard

Monday, June 14, 2010

Plain old Plein Air Painting

A week ago painting comrades Bill and George and I returned from several days out in some mountains and valleys of the amazing BC interior. We painted a bunch and laughed a bunch and I can't think of much that could be better. I'm posting some of my paintings and what we were looking at.

Every painting I make has a bit of a story, either an in-depth break down of it's evolution or an excuse for it. I have often seen that when I think my work is clever and cunning I discover it is old. I'm sure it is clever but it's been done by someone else somewhere and sometimes done-to-death. All of the masters I have emulated I am better off ignoring and just follow my nose. That is not to say I am above pilferring; I can't help it. Creativity is fluid; anyone who sees something and likes it, stores it and eventually it shows itself.