Sunday, May 16, 2010

Joining the 21st Century

My daughter made a CD for me and said, "Dad CDs are so 'old school'." So here I am in 2010 finally blogging.

This will be made up of finished and unfinished paintings and sketches by me and some students of my painting workshops and philosophical tidbits about why artists make art.

The simple answer about why is, 'Because I can't help it.' That's a bit pat so excluding the enormous sums of money, it must be, 'Because I have something to say.' Some say it in a song or on film and if you are reading this you know why I say it with brushes not words. Many of us second guess whether we're getting it right.


  1. so carey, know what I did? Yup - I started a blog too.

  2. Hey Carey, apparently we are getting together with Patti in a few weeks to build frames, eat and drink! I can't wait, Rhonda will miss out on so much being in Africa and all!
    Scott has finally unearthed the saw and is ready for action.

  3. Carey . . . Carey . . . are you there Carey??????