Thursday, November 18, 2010

Duck III 16x12
Comox Valley Gas Bar IV , 20x30(I think)

This is a photo of a 30x24" painting in progress. It's now complete and I will post a picture when I get one.

This is version 3 of 4 of this row boat I saw docked at Comox (that's Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada). My camera was dead so I sketched it from my car in the rain. I have been back many times but it has not been. What a great looking thing it was. This BG is fictitious. I have to do another with more dramatic light (there is a version like that but I can't seem to find the photo of it and I'm going to go bigger.


  1. Lovely stuff, Carey. I've put a link to this on the Lifers website. Post some of your figure stuff there when you get a chance.

  2. Carey, I hope you put some more paintings on they are very , very good and I have looked at a lot lately. great colours! wish i didn't live so far away for lessons.